"I will uphold academic and personal integrity in the TJ community" -TJ Honor Code

As members of the Thomas Jefferson community, we honor academic and personal integrity. We uphold the values of honesty, integrity, respect, and responsibility.

Thomas Jefferson Principles Regarding Academic Integrity

Enrollment at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology requires adherence to a certain set of standards. Our standards include the expectation that no student will engage in the following unacceptable behaviors, as defined by the course teacher:

If a student is unclear as to whether or not his or her action(s) are in violation of the Honor Code, then it is that student's responsibility to clarify any ambiguities with the appropriate administrator or instructor.

Students and parents should review the TJ Honor Code.

It is a student's responsibility to report integrity violations. This can be done using the Integrity Violation Form available on the Student Intranet.

Student Advocacy

It is important to the Thomas Jefferson High School faculty and staff that students have the best possible experience. The school has created Advocacy Rights for TJ Students to provide guidance and expectations regarding teacher assigned homework, tests, projects and grades. In addition, the Advocacy Rights for TJ Students also detail the process when they believe their rights have not been honored.

View the Student Advocacy Brochure (pdf)

Report an Integrity Violation Form


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